A+ Firearms Training of  MA  Safety is Paramount and Accuracy is Learned

Safe, Top Quality Firearms Training

Are you new to firearms?  No problem at all. We regularly train people who have never touched a firearm before.

A+ Firearms Training of Worcester, MA has courses to take you from knowing little or nothing about firearms to becoming highly skilled and operate extremely well under pressure.

We have also trained people with physical impairments to enable them to better defend themselves.

It is very important to understand that the basic training you receive to meet the Commonwealth of Massachusetts pre-requisite to apply for a License To Carry (LTC) is just that; basic training.  To become proficient with with any defensive tool, whether firearms, knife, martial arts, boxing, or something else, you must advance your training and practice, practice, practice.

A+ Firearms Training of Massachusetts has the expertise to take you to the level you aspire.

We have reasonable sized group classes, where you learn so much more due to class participant synergy.  We also provide private training classes, and will tailor them specifically to your needs.

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New Offering

This year we continue scheduling businesses for Team-Building sessions.  Scheduling is done  with a maximum of eight people at a time (for safety reasons) and a minimum of three hours (due to firearms safety training prior to session).  Cost is dependent on multiple variables.  Call now for cost and/or to schedule.

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