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IT Pet Peeves

Lack of advance communication really drives me crazy. Cite charter cable, my ISP. The local network group seems to like to do things at 5am. So some mornings, all of a sudden, at 5am sharp, I go down. I call in, and after 10 minutes, they can’t find anything and open a ticket. Normally when they are opening the ticket the connection comes back.
1. Why isn’t there any record of it with the support desk?
2. Why wasn’t I notified in advance that all my transfers were going to be interupted? I’ve been trying to do a full backup between two sites in Worcester for a month+. I need my network to stay up for 1 week continously on the initial backup, and I’m on attempt 4 now thanks to the outage this morning.
3. If you can’t notify me, WHERE IS YOUR BLOG WHERE YOU DOCUMENT YOU WILL BE DOING WORK? I’m willing to check a blog daily to see if there are any upcoming maitenance actions.

Cite 2: Noname bank:
As a fiduciary, ******** continuously enhances our operating processes to better meet the needs of our clients. We are pleased to inform you that client documents will now be distributed as links rather than attachments, which improves accessibility as well as enhances security around information we provide.

We’ve been working hard on making changes that are affecting you today. We’ve known about these upcoming changes for months, but didn’t bother to let you know so you can make sure your software is compatible. We know this proprietary stuff we insist on doing is very client hostile, and that there are much easier industry standard ways we could be using to get you the documents, but really, we don’t care.