“Speedbird Mayday Mayday. Speedbird 2276 request fire services. Speedbird 2276 heavy. We are evacuating on the runway. We have a fire, repeat, we are evacuating.”

Quite a dramatic airplane accident — before takeoff.



It looked like a disaster. Smoke billowed from the British Air Boeing 777-200 as it taxied into position for takeoff. Flames shot out from its left engine. People watching the scene from inside Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport were horrified.

“Oh, my God,” Reggie Bügmüncher said as he looked at out the window at the fire, according to the AP. Bügmüncher, who was waiting at a gate for different flight, said “everyone ran to the windows and people were standing on their chairs, looking out, holding their breath with their hands over their mouths.”
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