DRAFT version 0.1: Proposed new law: retail packaging around Country of Origin

Given that the US debt is out of control, and given that no party or political entity has been willing to even start the extremely difficult  steps (political suicide?) to solve the problem, this humble citizen proposes a new federal law.  Very simple.

Each establishment in the USA that offers items for sale must have the country of origin clearly marked on all items for sale.  The marking must be right next to the price, and as prominently displayed as the price.  For example:  $0.99 – Made in the USA.  In the event the item was assembled in one country, but made from a different country’s parts, then all countries must be identified.  Example: Made in the USA of Korean & Japanese parts.  Fine: $100/day for each item.

Each establishment in the USA that offers retail sales, must, daily have an up-to-date inventory of all the products offered for sale at the establishment along with an accurate country of origin.  They must also track their daily sales, correlated to country of original for the product. Each month, on the last day of the month, all their exterior marking on the building (or if an online store, their page banners) must prominently display the country of origin of :

  1. The majority of their products sold that month if other than the USA.
  2. The majority of their products for sale that month if other than the USA.
  3. If neither of those were outside the USA, then the USA may be displayed.

right next to the name of the store, as prominently displayed as the store name. Fine: $100,000/per day/per physical address/domain name.

The purpose of this law is to enable the consumer to identify when they are not buying USA products, and thus contributing to the national debt.  Buy Local, Sell Global.  There are many large retail chains that would be affected by this, and in today’s political landscape it would be challenging to get politicians to do the right thing.  Perhaps thats why we have the problem still.

Tell us what you think!  Help us improve it!  Leave a comment below.  Constructive comments will be posted.

One thought on “DRAFT version 0.1: Proposed new law: retail packaging around Country of Origin”

  1. Love it. The only problem is the shelves would be bare if we had to rely on “Made in the USA.” Boy is that even hard to say, but worse yet true.

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