What is a perfect dining experience at a restaurant?

This entry will be edited over time to tighten it up.  Please leave constructive comments/suggestions below.  Remember, this is from a customer perspective, not a server perspective.  This entry is a sister entry to our tipping system, and meant to illustrate a perfect visit.

Perfect dining experience at restaurant

This is very subjective, but here are some basics from our view.  I have tried to provide specific measures when possible to make this audit-able

  • Each place setting is complete.
  • Menus are clean and accurate.
  • The glasses, plates, and cutlery are clean.
  • We are not sat by screaming kids
  • Most of the below can me met with: We see the server in plain site, making eye contact, at least 30 seconds out of every 5 minutes.
    • We see the primary server within 2-3 minutes of sitting down.  They take drink order.
    • Drinks arrive within 5 minutes.  They are automatically refilled (if chargeable, permission is asked) before they run out.
    • Appetizer order is taken within 5 minutes, it arrives within 15 minutes.
    • Dinner order is taken, and arrives within 10-15 minutes after appetizer is complete.
    • The menu is accurate.  If the menu says item A does not have bacon, when it arrives, it does not have bacon.
    • Dinner is served warm (or hot!), having not sat under heat lamps for an extended period of time.
    • Dinner is appealing (presentation), it tastes good, and it is what we ordered.
    • Dinner is served simultaneously, not piecemeal.
    • When we’re done eating, the dishes are cleared away within 5 minutes.
    • A desert menu or tray is offered.
    • If we want to order desert, we can within 5 minutes.
    • Our bill is provided promptly, as well as processed promptly if credit card is used.