Good Morning!


Well it’s an early morning.  I tried taking this picture upstairs instead of from the  basement which is my normal.

Charter is doing unannounced maintenance again.  I know this because our Tuning Adapter is being rejected for half the channels saying not available.  CNNHD, FOXNEWS, and TNTHD are all off line.  I miss the days when cable providers actually carried all their channels all the time, and this tuning adapter crap wasn’t necessary.  Why can’t Charter notify me in advance of maintenance that will affect my services?  All I can do is dial into their India call center, go through 45 minutes of them wasting my time, and then have them schedule someone to come out in a few days when the maintenance is over and there is nothing to see?  Charter SUCKS at customer service.

As far as what’s going on this weekend, unknown at this point.  My wife had some plans for Easter, but they have been cancelled. We have a class this afternoon, but other than that unknown.

One thought on “Good Morning!”

  1. Easter is not cancelled yet. Still figuring it out. I must work this weekend yet again. Until then lets do something fun.

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