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This is an interesting product.



The myfc PowerTrekk is a revolutionary portable charger that by it self, generates electricity from water – based on Swedish Fuel Cell technology.

Just by adding water and a myFC Puck with salt – you will be completely independent of the power grid.

The great thing about our Fuel Cell charger is that it is like a portable power plant – it actually produces the electricity you need.

With its unique fuel-cell technology, myFC PowerTrekk uses the hydrogen from the water and converts that into electricity and can therefore deliver instant, reliable power. Anywhere, anytime.

from Brownell’s: Power Trekk Fuel Cell Charger : POWER TREKK FUEL CELL CHARGER AND PUCK REFILL | Brownells.

Easter Morning

Above is a painting by an 8 year old. It’s title “Prince of Peace”

Perhaps I wanted to catch it
perhaps not

But one morning
an eagle dropped a diamond

And right then
with my faulty brush
full of my own hair
I wanted to paint

I wanted to paint the wings-
Too late – they flew away
I wanted to paint a flower
Too late – it withered

That night the rain
was running after me
Each drop of rain
showed God’s face
His face was everywhere
On homes and on me

I wrung out the love
to make the red

I wrung out the stumps
to make the brown

I wrung out the trust
to make the pink

I wrung out my own eyes
to make the blue

I wrung out the seaweed
to make the green

I wrung out the nightly pain
to make the black

I wrung out my grandmother’s hair
to make the gray

I wrung out my visions
to make the violet

I wrung out the truth
to make the white

Today I want to paint God’s face

 Above can be found here.

What does Jesus really look like? We recently asked Colton Burpo, the 14-year-old boy who claims he visited heaven and interacted with Christ during a near-death experience back in 2003.

“Well he has brown hair, brown beard, a very bright smile — brightest that I’ve ever seen,” Burpo, the subject of the new film “Heaven Is For Real,” told TheBlaze. “And his eyes were just beautiful sea blue.”

Following his purported experience, Colton’s family spent years trying to find an image that resembled this description. But it wasn’t until 2006 when Glenn Beck featured a young prodigy named Akiane Kramarik on his CNN show that the family found what they had been looking for. (Picture above)

 (See original article)